Game Post Presents Learn to Play: City of Mist

The Mist envelopes and hides miraculous powers from the other residents of the City. You have been gifted by its mystical whims. Hone your heroic capabilities while balancing you staying yourself, or being swallowed whole by the very hero you are projecting.

City of Mist is a TTRPG in which players are every day normal people that have been given supernatural powers connected to their legendary ‘alter-egos’. Group up with other gifted individuals, Rifts, and take back the night from ne’er-do-wells and nefarious plotters, hoping to delve the City further into chaos. With a classless character creation system bolstered by a community management component, City of Mist is a game of cinematic and epic proportions.

Join us in store on August 31st, from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.. Sign up on our Discord. Seats are limited!

City of Mist: Review - Tribality

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