Game Post Presents Learn to Play: World Of Darkness Werewolf: The Apocal

Gaia is dying. The ices melt, while the seas swell. The heat rises, while the forests wither. Extinction threatens millions, in favor of the few. The Garou — warlike shapeshifters torn be­tween Rage and spirit, between Wolf and Man, and champions of the earth-mother — have failed. The Apocalypse is here. Yet, a new generation of Garou now call upon their Rage to confront the forces of destruction, avarice, and greed ravaging the earth-mother. With tooth and claw the Garou will wrest her from the brink of death — or follow her enemies to the grave. Will you answer their howl?

Join us in learning how to play Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Our veteran GM will take you through an adventure with pregenerated characters and explain along the way.

This event will take place on September 23rd, Saturday, at 1 p.m.. Sign up on our discord! Seats are limited to 6 players.

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A suggested donation of $5 for helping us continue to bring you great games!